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Fragment #20 - pier - 25 Fragments


7 thoughts on “ Fragment #20 - pier - 25 Fragments

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  4. Fragment definition: A fragment of something is a small piece or part of it. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples The only reminder of the shooting is a few fragments of metal in my shoulder. She read everything, digesting every fragment of news. Wynorrific Jan 20, stricting Jan 20, Hairyfairy Jan 19,
  5. Dive Location. If you know your survey site coordinates, enter them manually in decimal degrees using WGS84 Map Datum. Use the minus sign for latitudes south of the equator and longitudes west of the Prime Meridian to degrees.
  6. A long-running debate in the fragment world centers on the utility of “ three dimensional ” fragments. Proponents argue that these (often a.
  7. John Doe Iredell County, North Carolina 25 to 40 year old Black/African American Male Discovered September 19, Iredell County, North Carolina Victim found along roadway. Fragments of blue denim trousers - type used for Navy issue & carry Seafarer brand name; belt with metal buckle; fragment of white T-shirt See more.

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